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Your baby eats with you

In 2011, the nutrition project “Your baby eats with you” (“Baby isst mit”) started in the province of Salzburg. The initiative was supported from 2011 to 2013 by Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse and other health-insurance providers and the province of Salzburg; it was financed by the preventative fund strategy of the Federal Ministry of Health.

“Your baby eats with you” has been supported by Salzburger Gebietskrankenkasse since 2014 and made available to the entire Salzburg population free of charge. “Your baby eats with you” is co-financed by the preventative health fund of the Federal Health Agency.



Healthy eating from the start

The contents of all workshops from “Your baby eats with you” are quality assured and based on the latest scientific insights in the field of infant and toddler nourishment as well as nourishment for pregnant and breastfeeding women, which were developed within the context of the programme “Healthy eating from the start” (“Richtig essen von Anfang an!).