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Nutrition during the pregnancy & breastfeeding period

It is very important both for mother and child to eat right during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Eating a variety of healthy foods throughout the day is the best way to receive vitamins and minerals, both for you and your child. Your child is gradually being accustomed to different tastes even while in the womb and then later on during breastfeeding, which will make it easier to get used to new tastes later on.


How much more do pregnant and breastfeeding women need to eat?

You do not have to eat more at the beginning of the pregnancy.
The energy requirement only increases from the 13th week of pregnancy. One small additional snack is sufficient.

Examples of a small snack:
• 1 small bowl of muesli (cereal flakes) with 200 ml of low-fat milk
• 1 package of buttermilk (500 ml) and 1 apple

The body needs a little more from the 28th week of pregnancy. You can satisfy this requirement with an additional small snack. You can also eat a bigger meal instead of the 2 smaller snacks.


What should pregnant and breastfeeding women eat and drink?

You need this several times during the day:

  • Water, mineral water, unsweetened fruit tea, highly diluted 100% fruit juices, highly diluted 100% vegetable juices
  • Fruit, vegetables or legumes (e.g. lentils, beans, peas)
  • Potatoes or cereal (e.g. spelt, rice, polenta, millet), bread, noodles – ideally from whole-grain
  • Milk* and milk products* (e.g. yoghurt, cheese)
  • In small amounts: vegetable oils (e.g. canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil), nuts and seeds

You need this several times during the week:

  • Fish* (e.g. trout, salmon trout, char, salmon, herring), lean meat* or lean sausage*, egg*

You should only use these foods sparingly:

  • Butter, margarine, lard, whipped cream, sour cream or crème fraîche

You may consume these foods occasionally:

  • Sweets (e.g. chocolate, chocolate bar, cookies), cake, soft drinks, salty or fatty snacks (e.g. crisps, popcorn, chips)

*do not eat raw products